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Our top stylists and brothers Darren Lee and Jason Lee have been styling hair for over 30 years. With extensive technicical knowledge and years of training in colour and cut, they can bring out the best looking you. Click picture to see more...


For a consultation with Darren, Jason or any of our senior stylist team stop by the salon soon.

"We are proud to be celebrating over 55 years!"

Our Story

Our doors opened in 1965, by ourparents and has been a family business ever since.  Queenston St. is our original location and our longevity as a successful and highly reputable salon is do to our commitment to excellence for our loyal clientele.

Why Videl's

Videl's Hair Salon is an upscale modern salon offering a variety of hairstyling, make-up and beauty services. At Videl's, we are committed to making every visit a rejuvenating one. Our stylists and beauty specialists are ready to indulge you.

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